11 Baby Shower Gifts They’ve Always Wanted (But Didn’t Realize!)


Welcoming a new life into the world is something family and friends always look forward to. What could be better than a wee little bundle of joy? You might find yourself at a loss for what to give the expectant parents, and that’s ok. Even though you don’t want to give them a double of an item, two of something is better than zero! Here are 11 baby shower gifts they’ve always wanted but never actually realized they did.

  1. Night Light Baby Car Mirror. It can be difficult for parents to transport their newborns in a vehicle because they have to put them in backwards. The driver then, cannot see what the baby is doing or what he or she might be feeling at the time. The Night Light Baby Car Mirror by Brica comes with a remote control and a soft LED light for all types of night and day settings.
  2. Smart Baby Monitor. This monitor by Nanit Pro makes keeping an eye on baby a breeze. Simply mount the camera to the overhead wall and they’ll be able to see and hear whatever baby is doing. There’s also sleep tracking and breathing monitoring. All the data and photos and video can be tracked on your phone in the coordinating app.
  3. Visa Gift Card. If you are serious about not wanting to duplicate an item the happy parents have already received, get them a Visa Gift Card. You can make it special with a picture on the front (perhaps the two of them) and bespoke text that conveys your congratulatory vibe. The balance is easily tracked online and they can use the card at thousands of retailers and merchants.
  4. Portable Sound Machine. When baby is in the womb, sound is very important. They hear their mothers’ heartbeat, and people’s voices. The portable sound machine by HoMedics includes four relaxing sounds that include lullaby, heartbeat, ocean and white noise. It can easily be hooked on strollers, playards and cribs, and will easily go with the family wherever they travel!
  5. Graco® V2 Premium Changing Pad. This changing pad will help keep baby securely during changings. There’s a contoured wall for extra security and a safety belt so parents can feel especially confident. A non-skid pad keeps the pad in place and it is stain and water resistant. Buy it together with a pad topper and get the new parents started off right (and ready for those changings!)
  6. Cloud Activity Center. For babies, playing in an activity center should feel like being on a cloud, and this activity center by Skip Hop does not disappoint! With over 25 developmental activities and a musical (light up) piano, baby will be busy as a little bee with all of this fun stimulation. There are four moveable toys and detachable legs so parents can store it away when necessary.
  7. Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket. The Deer Newborn Fleece Blanket is unisex so it’s great whether your friends are having a boy or a girl. Made of fleece polyester it’s super soft so baby will be comfortable while they snap those precious moments of their month milestones. It’s common practice for social media and scrapbooks and the new parents will love it!
  8. Baby Swaddle Blanket. Made for infants 0-6 months old, the baby swaddle blanket by snuggle me comes in a variety of boy/girl/ and neutral colors. It’s easily adjustable so they can swaddle their baby with extra comfort and love. It features cotton wings that secure together with Velcro and allows baby to sleep peacefully, which we all know then let’s parents rest peacefully, too!
  9. No Contact Baby Thermometer. There’s nothing worse for parents than when their child is sick. What can make things even more difficult is having to take their temperature because a sick baby is well, cranky! With the non-contact baby thermometer, it’s an easy and non-intrusive way to get an accurate and reliable reading without disturbing the little one.
  10. XL Hanging Diaper Caddy Organizer. This diaper storage organizer makes the most out of all the available space. It is reinforced with thick PVD boards on the shelves and will stay upright and supported. It’s easy to hang anywhere for easy access to all baby and diaper accessories.
  11. New Baby Essentials Kit. The Little Remedies New Babies Essentials Kit is a six piece kit that has everything a parent needs for when baby has tummy or nose upsets. Inside is saline spray, a nasal respirator, gas relief drops, pain reliever, and more.

Help the new parents become super organized and ready for their new family member. And, even if you do end up doubling up on a gift, chances are good they’ll use the second one, too!